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How to install distance sensor, e.g. Ultrasonic, to a DJI Phantom 2 / Autopilots?

Hello, I want to program a drone so it can move a pre-programmed path. Anyhow, the height / distance from the ground needs to be accurate…

Started by Max Mustermann

3 2 hours ago
Reply by Roger Clark

Quadcopter Altitude Reference

I'm new to all this but I have a question on how UAV determine their height above or below the launch site? I imagine on most flights, you…

Started by Glen Leeon

2 3 hours ago
Reply by Glen Leeon

Pixhawk not receiving heartbeat packets

HI, anybody else having this issue...I installed pixhawk today, loaded the firmware with mission planner , and when it continues on to conn…

Started by James Raymond Summerville

0 3 hours ago

Problem to connect Bluetooth to APM

Hi, I'm trying to use Bluetooth to communicate with my APM 2.6 telemetry port. So far changed the baud rate of my BT module to 57600, paire…

Started by Steffen Kupka

4 6 hours ago
Reply by Chris Anderson

Mavlink not requesting data stream

hi everybody, I am new on mavlink.I guess I didn't understand the concept of mavlink. I want to communicate with qgroundcontrol software. I…

Started by Ayse

0 7 hours ago

Firmware for APM 2.0

Hello, i am using APM 2.0 for my quadcopter. i have downloaded the mission planner from APM site but now as the manual says, when i have to…

Started by enya

1 9 hours ago
Reply by Graham Dyer

Hybrid Plane/Copter - is this possible?

I have been interested for a while in the possibility of creating a VTOL fixed wing which transitions into forward flight after a vertical…

Started by Andrew Bailey

0 10 hours ago

Rebuilt tricopter, for longer flight time.

Hello, I really like my tricopter to fly with it, but my ESC or motor on the left front arm doesn't work very good. But it is okay, I alre…

Started by Edward kornelis

17 13 hours ago
Reply by Edward kornelis

RTL/Loiter/Home Arrow not working

I have the APM 2.6 on my hex. I configured the OSD to show the return to home arrow but I can never get it to show up and my Loiter mode do…

Started by Jake Barritt

2 13 hours ago
Reply by Jake Barritt

What are you using for tracking?

I am a bit overwhelmed with the most likely rare and random fly aways. I just can't imagine watching my joy drift away to never be found by…

Started by Fred McFeeters

6 15 hours ago
Reply by Tom Mahood


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